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Scott Engering has always been fascinated by rocks and minerals and, as a geologist, most of his working life has been spent surveying, observing and recording stone in its many forms.

The geological wonders of the Earth attract countless visitors, but the most spectacular way of displaying the inherent natural beauty of rocks and minerals, under a microscope, is very rarely seen. Once a suitable specimen has been found, a thin slice is cut and mounted on a glass slide and then ground down with fine abrasives until it is only 0.003mm thick.

When polarised light is shone through a thin section of rock, it is refracted by the internal crystallographic structure of the minerals to produce an astonishing array of vivid colours that vary according to both the chemical composition and orientation of the individual interlocking crystals. John Ruskin, an advocate of “artistic science”, wrote lyrically about the beauties that could be seen using this technique. Using traditional photographic colour film to record his observations, the essential character of the rock has been retained wherever possible but, using some of the tools of modern digital imaging technology, Scott has taken this concept to a higher level.

Scott’s work is designed to produce a big splash of colour on the walls of modern bars, cafes, clubs, restaurants and other places of leisure.  They are available as unmounted or framed prints, on a variety of canvasses and as state of the art light boxes, which use environmentally friendly low powered Light Tape ™. The size, dimensions, colours and textures of these Glowing Edges Designs can be tailored to the individual requirements of customers and, for discerning clients, can also be applied to ceramics, architectural glass and designer fabrics.