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METRO Newspaper

‘Although the saturated colours and repetitive forms in Scott Engering’s debut show resemble the abstract graphics for a psychedelic trance party flyer, they’re actually pictures of minerals.


Scott has taken as his subject the crystal geometry of wafer-thin slices of mineral, known as rock thin sections, more normally seen down a microscope.  Most of the ten prints on display show the colours and textures without any digital enhancement, but Scott has manipulated a few to ensure that the vivid colouring,  a property of most of his minerals, was consistent throughout.


Shot at high magnification with polarised light,  Scott has amplified the slides into pictures that show the astonishing colours, textures, patterns and forms not normally visible to the naked eye. The natural forms of the minerals have an inherent brightness and their most dominant colourings tend to be from the primary spectrum: reds, blues and yellows. Secondary tones come particularly from the spectrums of green and orange.


Overall, the effect of these ancient natural forms seen in close up is bizarrely futuristic.’

Night Magazine

‘DQ The Late Bar has rapidly developed a reputation as one of Sheffield’s leading music venues and has developed close associations with the Arctic Monkeys and other rising stars that have placed the city firmly on the musical map.


When the manager Matt Steer sought some interesting images to be projected onto five large screens he looked no further than the work of Glowing Edges Designs which, in a previous exhibition, had been described as “resembling the abstract graphics for a psychedelic trance party flyer and the effect, when seen close up, bizarrely futuristic”.


Designed to be seen as large images in a minimalist context, the vibrant colours and astonishing patterns and textures that are based on the natural properties of rocks and minerals fit perfectly in DQ The Late Bar, where a myriad of colours provided by a state of the art Robe lighting system plays on the plain white walls.


As a splash of colour to brighten up any contemporary venue, Glowing Edges Designs can be used as framed prints, large canvasses, light boxes, gobos etc. and for the discerning designer with a budget to match, can readily be transferred onto ceramic tiles and architectural glass.’




Tina Jackson